We have titled our podcast, "Never Expire" which encompasses our theme: to encourage you to "never let your fire and desire for knowledge expire." Our goal is to disciple people, whether they are attending the...

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Listen to all Never Expire episodes here! Our goal is to keep you updated and involved with what's going on around the college and to help you continue desiring a deeper knowledge of God.


Rocket to 30: Adulthood with Momentum. Our goal is to help disciple young people through their 20s so that they can live successful adult lives. Listen to past episodes here. Est. 2013-2017.
Jonathan Bragg – Metamorphosis
"More and more I'm seeing [homework] as a learning tool, so I'm going to dig into some cool resources and figure it out."   Jon's...
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Heather Fortune – Miss-fortune
"You know those movies where it's like country kid moving to the big city? Just living life and doing fun things? This is the opposite."...
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Brooke Collins & Emily Devereux – Dancing Queens
"Seriously, I live in the same dorm as these guys and I have never been to one of these dance parties." On any given day,...
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Gloria Ballantyne-Packo – Petunia the Mustang
"I'm excited to be able to go home for Christmas to share what I've learned here."   Gloria grew up in The Pas, Manitoba, where...
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Merry Christmas from the Grand Trio!
"It's a Christmas episode!" On this special episode of Never Expire, Josh, Paige, and Erin (The Grand Trio) discuss Christmas traditions, trivia, and reason for...
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Koki Asakawa – From ESL to PTL
"[I was evangelizing but] I can't speak English well so I say,"Hi!" and then she ask a question and I say "what did you say?"...
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Ysaac Lagotte & Hugh Luo-Tatebe – Dr. Hugh
"I honestly never thought I would say this, but I'm giving a chance to Jesus."   Ysaac Lagotte and Hugh Luo-Tatebe talk Martyr's Life, space...
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Selena Switzer – Grace: Not a Ticket
"Grace is not a ticket to do whatever you want, but you should never neglect it. It empowers righteous living." Selena Switzer brings joy and...
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Branford Stone – Ankle Socks, Case Studies, & Dodge Ball Titans
"If I read this book at 13 pages per minute, I can still get this done on time." -Stanford Stone Branford Stone grew up in...
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We have titled our podcast, “Never Expire” which encompasses our theme: to encourage you to “never let your fire and desire for knowledge expire.” Our goal is to disciple people, whether they are attending the college, are an alumni, or simply interested in growing in Christ. We want you to feel like a part of our community. We aim to produce a new episode every week.

The podcast features mainly students of Eston College, digging deep into what they’ve been learning about in class, and what fruit their assignments bring to their spiritual lives. Whether you know what it’s like to be a Bible college student or not, we want to share the experience of learning in a greenhouse environment with you, in hopes that you continue to grow desire to learn, keep on fire for Christ, and never let the knowledge you’ve found expire.

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