We have titled our podcast, "Never Expire" which encompasses our theme: to encourage you to "never let your fire and desire for knowledge expire." Our goal is to disciple people, whether they are attending the...

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Listen to all Never Expire episodes here! Our goal is to keep you updated and involved with what's going on around the college and to help you continue desiring a deeper knowledge of God.


Rocket to 30: Adulthood with Momentum. Our goal is to help disciple young people through their 20s so that they can live successful adult lives. Listen to past episodes here. Est. 2013-2017.
Anastasya Laverdiere – Mrs. Lavender
"The program is here to teach the world how to worship" Josh and Erin get to know the heart of the Gideon's Call program. Anastasia answers...
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Noah Quinnett – The Troll Slayer
"The Lord gifted me with the ability to be teased well..." Noah Quinnett was the male resident director this past school year. Join Josh and...
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Taishi Aoki and Samuel Yoo – Poker Face.
"Faith is the root, works are the fruit." Taishi came to Eston because it was a more cost effective education than anything offered in Japan....
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Ty Stingel – What’s in Your Pockets?
"Everyone is family." Ty Stingel is one of our mature students; as someone who came back to Bible school much after their high school graduation,...
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Jack Stevenson and Charles Coates – Grow Up!
"I'm never going to forget that, because of you Jack." Jack and Charles join us as we discuss being old roommates, dorm shenanigans, and programs....
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Joey Parkman and Jeremy Syrenne – Kingdom Reality
"I'm like the cream that holds the cookie together— I’m a very diplomatic person." Martyr's Life mascots Jeremy and Joey discuss the kingdom of God,...
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Joel Burghardt – Hidden Treasure
"Describe yourself in three words... Rolie polie Joelie." Join Paige and Erin as they interview Joel Burghardt in his last year as a student! Joel...
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Maddie Johnson and Jordana Day – masquerade.
Maddie and Jordana are both living the Sophomore dream: what more could you want than masquerades, skits, house worship nights, and new programs! Last year,...
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Melanie Solano & Adrienne Dick – What I Like About You.
"Alright, you sing in Spanish and I'll sing in English... and.. go!" Melanie and Adrienne are the most unlikely of friends, yet they have found...
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We have titled our podcast, “Never Expire” which encompasses our theme: to encourage you to “never let your fire and desire for knowledge expire.” Our goal is to disciple people, whether they are attending the college, are an alumni, or simply interested in growing in Christ. We want you to feel like a part of our community. We aim to produce a new episode every week.

The podcast features mainly students of Eston College, digging deep into what they’ve been learning about in class, and what fruit their assignments bring to their spiritual lives. Whether you know what it’s like to be a Bible college student or not, we want to share the experience of learning in a greenhouse environment with you, in hopes that you continue to grow desire to learn, keep on fire for Christ, and never let the knowledge you’ve found expire.

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