Basic Church Tech Class – Episode #82

Basic Church Tech Class Featuring Gideon’s Call Special Episode!

In this special mini-episode of Rocket to 30, we interview the Basic Church Technologies Class to teach them the ins and outs of podcasting!

Gopher Report:

  • Maddie Johnson – Pentatonix
  • Serena Shan – Bethel Music
  • Victoria Ryder – Tenth Avenue North
  • David Vanderzwaag – Home Free
  • Alex Hein – Citizens
  • Kent Slemming – Planning Center Services App
  • Heather Fortune – NEEDTOBREATHEGideon's Call

Rocket Fuel:

The students in the Basic Church Tech class discuss what they have been learning in their mini semester class, and its value for the church.

Speaker’s Corner:

Don’t miss the awesome song requesting your questions or comments from the tech students. Submit them to Podcast [at] estoncollege [dot] ca.

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