Branford Stone – Ankle Socks, Case Studies, & Dodge Ball Titans

“If I read this book at 13 pages per minute, I can still get this done on time.” -Stanford Stone

Branford Stone grew up in Korea, and has only been back in Canada for 5 years. 3 of those years he has been living and studying at Eston College, which is why he considers this place a huge part of his home. With unique spunk and deliberate perspective, Branford shares his journey with us through Pastoral Theology class, and how it’s been challenging him. He talks case studies, emotional turmoil of assignments, his alter ego named Stanford, and his greatest triumph: winning second place in a dodge ball tournament.

Shout out to some of the alumni that are mentioned in this episode! Brandon Stefanuik, Tristan McCracken, Mathieu Wasmuth, Michael Akers, Carlee Marie Bacon, Nicole Thulien, Julaine Wasmuth, Josiah Moorley, and Jeremy Atkins!

“If you take anything away from this podcast… don’t be a Stanford.”

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