Jonathan Bragg – Metamorphosis

“More and more I’m seeing [homework] as a learning tool, so I’m going to dig into some cool resources and figure it out.”



Jon’s journey here has been an interesting one: he started in second semester, then completed a year of Martyr’s Life, and doing first semester Biblical Studies for the first time, put him in a few Freshman classes. But, he has been learning so much, not just about the Old Testament and English, but about the reason and purpose for homework assignments. Jon brilliantly discusses how he’s applied himself to his homework, as well as discusses women in the book of Luke, and highlights of his year. Metamorphosis is truly a word we’d use to describe Jon’s growth while at the college. 

As well, Erin and Josh discuss the cross-references in the Bible, see the image they discuss below, as well as the link to the research done about it. Tune in to listen about it’s significance!

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