Hunter Tunall and Aaron Bradburn – The Go Brothers

“Hey… You wanna be on my gorgeous list?”


They don’t look like brothers, but they are… kind of. Aaron is infamous around the college for his “gorgeous list.” It’s a pretty exclusive group, but somehow Hunter found himself accepted into it pretty quickly. So what is it, exactly? How does a young man from Manitoba, a young man from Caronport, and Rice Krispies have in common? As funny as their ‘bromance’ story may be, these two men have a deep passion for God. They both took Go Discipleship separately, but share the same passion for God’s heart of justice.

Tune in for heartwarming laughter, revelations about Christ, and reasons why social justice is important.

ps. if you’re on the ‘gorgeous list’ (you know who you are), you most definitely received a shout out.

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