Branford Stone – Ankle Socks, Case Studies, & Dodge Ball Titans

“If I read this book at 13 pages per minute, I can still get this done on time.” -Stanford Stone Branford Stone grew up in Korea, and has only been back in Canada for 5 years. 3 of those years he has been living and studying at Eston College, which …

Love the Lord Your God With All Your Strength – Episode #81

Love the Lord Your God With All Your Strength: In the fourth episode of season 4 we continue our series on Spiritual Privileges on the topic of evangelism featuring special guest Elsie Welch. Gopher Report: Josh mentioned a book on Leviticus called: Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord?: …

Discerning Your Call – Episode #52

In the season finale of season 2, we talk with two young couples about their choice to work at Eston College, and what it means to follow God’s voice. Gopher Report: Qi charging info. Rocket Fuel: In this episode, we talk to two guest couples: Randi and Curtis Gallipeau and Bronwen …

A Spiritual Check-Up – Episode #51

Josh and Nathan reflect on their summer and discuss what they learned. Then they give some tips on how to give yourself a spiritual check-up, as well as things to do to keep growing in your faith! Gopher Report: Download the app Ingress for iOS and Android. Rocket Fuel: The …

What Your Body Knows About God – Episode #50

In this solo episode, Josh talks about a book called What Your Body Knows about God by Rob Moll. Josh focuses on what the book says about spiritual disciplines and prayer. Although shorter than normal, this teaser episode will make you want to read the whole book. Gopher Report: Download …

Christmas Tales from the Perilous Realm – Episode #8

Show Notes: In episode #8, Sean and Josh spend some time telling stories that drill deeper into the meaning of Christmas. If you think you have heard all that the Bible has to say about Christ’s birth, wait until you hear about Jesus Christ’s four great grandmothers. Besides this, you will hear a couple of tales from WWII and some sappy tales from Josh and Sean’s own lives. Enjoy your Christmas season!

Check out a fantastic article that helped inspire this episode: “Let’s Rethink Our Holly-Jolly Christmas Songs“.

Ray Bakke audio: Subscribe to a collection of his sermons in iTunes – “The Women of Matthew 1” is number 9 and a good place to start with his preaching.

This link will provide more context regarding the news story about the children gassed in Syria.

Here’s a picture of the letter that the American Commander sent to the German Commander from Sean’s story from WWII:
Nuts LetterThis is a list of books we referred to throughout our conversation: