Basic Church Tech Class – Episode #82

Basic Church Tech Class Featuring Gideon’s Call Special Episode! In this special mini-episode of Rocket to 30, we interview the Basic Church Technologies Class to teach them the ins and outs of podcasting! Gopher Report: Maddie Johnson – Pentatonix Serena Shan – Bethel Music Victoria Ryder – Tenth Avenue North …

Why Go to Church – Episode #28

In this episode, Josh and Nathan invite Kevin Schwartz to talk about why we should go to church.


Gopher Report:

Get the low-down on Mark Driscoll here, here, and here.

Rocket Fuel:

In this segment, we answer the question why go to church? Our conversation circled around some of the barriers young people have in church attendance, and looked at the book of Hebrews for guidance.

Community Contributions:

The tall Mueller boy asked a question about why there is such a push to reach unreached people groups. Listen to the full episode for our thoughts on this topic.

Also, we need a better name for this segment. Please send your suggestions by emailing podcast [at] estoncollege [dot] ca.

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