Love the Lord Your God With All Your Strength – Episode #81

Love the Lord Your God With All Your Strength: In the fourth episode of season 4 we continue our series on Spiritual Privileges on the topic of evangelism featuring special guest Elsie Welch. Gopher Report: Josh mentioned a book on Leviticus called: Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord?: …

The Man Who Will End the War – Episode #58

In episode 58, we talk with a student who is working in the middle east to share the love of Jesus. He shares stories that will thrill and delight you with what God is doing in the world. The image that accompanies this episode was created and described by a …

How to be a Global Neighbor – Episode #10

Show Notes: In episode #10, Sean and Josh attempt to tackle a topic as big as the planet–globalization and what it might mean for a Christian to become a global neighbor. As 20-somethings, we are hyper-aware of poverty as well as a host of other humanitarian issues. Our awareness of these things sometimes makes us feel overwhelmed to the point where we don’t actually respond at all. Since we can’t claim ignorance, it is essential that we reflect on what our role as Christians should be in a global world.

You should watch this video on being a world neighbor by Paul Borthwick:

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