Basic Church Tech Class – Episode #82

Basic Church Tech Class Featuring Gideon’s Call Special Episode! In this special mini-episode of Rocket to 30, we interview the Basic Church Technologies Class to teach them the ins and outs of podcasting! Gopher Report: Maddie Johnson – Pentatonix Serena Shan – Bethel Music Victoria Ryder – Tenth Avenue North …

Slip into Summer Work – Episode #42

Josh and Nathan invite Curtis Gallipeau, a leader from Martyr’s Life to talk strategies on how to quickly get summer work. We also suggest some other ways to spend your time usefully if you can’t find a job this summer. Gopher Report: Josh talked about On Point with Tom Ashbrook. …

Terrific Tech Tools Anyone Can Use – Episode #41

In this episode, Josh and Nathan invite a student from our tech discipleship program named Nathan Knowler to help explain terrific tech tools anyone can use. Gopher Report: Nathan Densley recommends supporting the kick starter campaign to make Pilgrim’s Progress into a movie. You can find out more info here. …

Soul Detective – Fasting from Media – Episode #7

Show Notes: In episode #7, we interview one of our students regarding the media fast which recently happened here at the college and discussed why this practice is so powerful. Most of our time together focused on the ways that media affect our desires and habits.

We started out by talking about the way that using technology can affect our physiology, and Josh mentioned a recent article titled: “Gadget Sickness” from the New York Magazine.

The amazing album by Brian and Katie Torwalt, Kingdom Come, is available from iTunes here.

Also, if you want to read the humorous article about how we don’t remember information but rather where to find it, is called: “Remembering How vs. Remembering What” from a great blog on faith and technology called “The Second Eclectic“.

This is a list of books we referred to throughout our conversation:

The infographic that Josh created is below: